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The Sun, 2007
Pen/Ink/Electronic Media

Times being what they are, have been, and will be later - I have recently been presented with an opportunity to come up with a show featuring a complete Zodiac.  Honestly, I had tried this over the last 13 years and never got any further than 5 or 7 pictures. All of which never saw the light of day (or did anything for me being kept in my files.) This was due to personal reasons both emotional and earth-bound, plus obstacles set by myself and aimlessly set by others. I was frozen, freaked out, and so into the comfort of being motionless and creatively dead.  Until now.
Thanks to my best friend Tom's encouragement, and restored files I have in storage, I was able to complete and revamp all that I had. This is the result. Without sounding like an arrogant schmuck - I even surprised myself.  Now I just can't stop working, and it's laborless. It's something I am. Regardless of the show or anything else, I WILL keep doing art for the most important reason people create - for myself and my own fullfillment. Having others enjoy it is icing on the cake. The Universe will guide me towards the rest.
For the first time in a lot of years, I really can appreciate what I have accomplished. I hope you enjoy some of the results. Thank you, Tom.
March 27, 2007
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